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10 Hidden Places in Bohol – Exploring Bohol Like a Local

With a land area of 4821 square kilometers and a coastline 261 kilometers long, Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippines.

Also known as the Visayas province, Bohol is not famous without any reason. One can find a broad spectrum of activities in every corner of the island. Ranging from breathtaking adventure activities to island-hopping, from cave pools to spectacular waterfalls, Bohol offers its tourists a trip chockfull of fun and frolic. Let us get started and explore Bohol in theory so that when you head for the practical, you know what to expect when you step on this diverse island.

  1. Chocolate hills

Chocolate Hills, Bohol
Speaking about Bohol is synonymous with referring to Chocolate hills.
Chocolate Hills is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 1300 hills that paint the view scape green when it rains and brown during the dry seasons. You can spend an entire day gazing at this natural wonder.
In case that is not your thing, you can also opt to take a trip to the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park. Here you can engage in entertaining activities that give you an adrenaline rush. For instance, imagine enjoying a picturesque 360-degree view of the chocolate hills, while riding a bike suspended on a line 150 feet above the ground.

2. Dimaio’s arresting waterfalls

If you are the one who is fond of basking in the delightfulness of fanciful waterfalls, then you must include Dimiao in your travel itinerary.
Bohol Philippine Nature Tours Falls 017

Dimiao has three significant waterfalls

  1. Pahangog Twin Falls
  2. Ingkumhan Falls and
  3. Dam-Agan Falls.

These waterfalls are as majestic as the view on the opposite side of the falls. Floating coconuts and tree bridges with the backdrop of coconut trees swaying in the setting sun, sets the mood rolling.
And, if this does not satiate the explorer in you, you can always head towards other renowned spots, including, Ermita Ruins, Catugasan Peak, MacArthur’s Cap, Balbalan Beach, and Imelda Beach, etc.

3. Danao Adventure Park

E A T Danao Zipline Adventure Park
Another must-visit attraction in Bohol is the Danao adventure park wherein you can find extremely thrilling sports activities like ziplining, sky-riding, rappelling, kayaking, off-road dirt buggy driving, to name a few. This eco-park is the perfect getaway for groups of families or friends who are looking for sheer fun and are willing to try something out of the ordinary. Just make sure you carry a sports camera with you so that you can document all your adventures and flaunt them back home.

4. Panglao Island

Bohol Beach Alona
With this, we come to another renowned destination of Bohol. Flooded by some of the best resorts in Bohol, this island assures you easy access to the waterfront as well as plenty of water sports to enjoy. Covered with palm trees and filled with white sand, the beaches here make for a perfect recipe for a relaxed evening with calm waters and stunning sunsets session. When in the mood for some action, consider going in for snorkeling and diving, surrounded by coral reefs and marine life.

5. Candijay Rice Terraces

Rice Terraces
Rice terraces are an undeniable itinerary staple when you are traveling to the Philippines, but only a few know the fun in visiting the underrated gem of Bohol, i.e., Candijay Rice Terraces. You can find 60-foot tall Can-Umantad Falls here which is amongst the tallest falls in Bohol. The place has few other admirable sites too, like Kantaligsok Peak, Boongon Swip, Canawa Cold Spring, Danicop Jorge Brook, Candijay Mangrove Forest, etc.

6. Alicia Hills

Alicia Hills Bohol
Though it is not as popular or symmetrical as chocolate hills, Alicia hills take pride in its untouched character. This key feature is evident in its gorgeous ridges and local flavors, like rice paddies, etc. One can not get enough of lauding the beautiful landscape while hiking in the seemingly endless hills. Spare yourself the trouble with the routes and carry a scratch map deluxe edition.

7. Anda beaches

Anda Beach Bohol 1
No itinerary for the Philippines is complete without the comprisal of the peerless Anda beaches.
Located on the east coast of Bohol, Anda is an absolute delight for the people looking for some white sandy beach therapy. Apart from the bright turquoise sea, great sunset beaches and peculiar cave pools, Anda is known for its aquatic adventures, coral formations, rays, sea turtles, sharks, barracuda, and underwater walls.
Its spectacular collection of cave pools comprises of the East Coast Cave Pool, and Combento Cave Pool, Kalingon Cave, etc. Cabognaw Cave Pool leads the lot in terms of popularity.

8. Tubigon

Tubigon Bohol
Another hot favorite amongst the locals is this port town that is blessed with captivating mountain ridges and hills along with untouched white beaches and sandbars. Tubigon has righteously preserved its heritage in its handicrafts like the loom weaving in Ilijan Sur, Panaytayon, as well as Norte and Pinayagan Sur.

9. Danao

Sea Of Clouds Bohol
If you carry a burning desire to witness something magnificent, then it is suggested that you visit this gorgeous natural wonder in Bohol. Get off to the Danao’s peaks to catch Bohol’s sea of clouds. Once you hit the spot, immerse yourself in the vitality of the environment and take home an experience of a lifetime.

10. Philippine Wildlife Sanctuary

Tarsier Conservation Area
Bohol is home to tiny, wide-eyed, monkey-looking creatures called Tarsiers. You can visit and observe them in their natural habitat at the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary.
For a more adventurous side of yours, you can try taking the trek through its forests. But it is advised that you remember to be well- prepared and step cautiously on its muddy, rocky and slippery trail.

Bohol Tarsier Monkey
Bohol Tarsier Monkey

Final words

Referring to beautiful tourist spots, Bohol accommodates both hidden gems as well as eminent classics. It has a lot to offer than what a journeyer’s eyes can see. Therefore, you should consider this information and enjoy even the undervalued attractions of this marvelous place.

Explore bohol like a local

7 Reasons Why It’s Time to Go to Bohol

Thinking About Going to Bohol? 7 Reasons Why It’s Time to Go to Bohol!

There are many islands in Philippines, each of which competes with each other in terms of beauty and elegance. Of those, Bohol is one of the most beautiful islands and the 10th largest island of the country.
Of course, when you hear island, all you can think about are beaches. Bohol has wonderful beaches, but there is more to it. That is why, a visit to Bohol is all about enjoyment, merriment, thrill and leisure.

Bohol is all about excitement! That why it’s a must-visit place.

Here are some of the exhilarating things you get to experience in Bohol:
chocolate hills bohol Philippines

  • The Chocolate Hills

It is definitely the best and the most popular attraction in Bohol. Well, these hills have nothing to do with chocolates but they are named so because during the summer season, these hills turn brown. Spread over 50 square km, the Chocolate Hills consist of more than 1000 hills. On other seasons, the hills are green and it is the strange shapes of these hills that make them unique. Another attraction here is the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park where you should try bike zipping but only if you are brave enough as it can be quite challenging. For the not so adventurous, there is the ATV ride to enjoy the beauty of the hills.


  • Experience the Beautiful Filipino Culture

It is sad but true that most of the countries in the world are fast losing its local culture but not Bohol Philippines. Even today, you see that the people are living in the similar fashion as their ancestors used to live hundreds of years ago. Walking around Bohol will introduce you to this traditional culture of the Filipinos. You will always find them optimistic and cheerful. Children still play traditional games and you can also taste the local cuisine and sports. Another scene that brings a smile to your face is the beautiful traditionally built homes, most of which are surrounded by gardens with beautiful plants and flowers. The houses and even the streets are neat and clean.

Bohol Turtles

  • Go Diving with Some Amazing Turtle Species

You can enjoy turtles as your swimming companions at the Balicasag Island Marine Sanctuary. Another place to go diving with the turtles is the Blue Star Dive and Resort situated in Anda where there is Turtle Point. Give it a try, for sure it will be one of your life’s best experiences.

bohol tours and tour packages

  • Meet The Tarsier

Getting to meet the Tarsier is one of the high points of Bohol visit. Tarsier is the smallest primate in the world, measuring just 85 to 160 mm. Sadly, it is an endangered species and you can spot it at the Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary. They look also unique and you will be reminded of aliens that you have seen in movies. A characteristic of Tarsier is that they are able to turn their head in 180 degrees.

Bohol tours including Accommodations

Loboc Dinner Cruse

  • Experience Nature

The main reason to visit Bohol is its breath-taking nature. It is not that there are some tourist locations but each and every part of the island is all about nature and its splendid beauty. Forests, beaches, sanctuaries, hills, you will find all these and more at Bohol. What you get to see is unblemished nature in its full glory. Just roam around and absorb the view in your heart where it will remain forever.

Linaw Seafood Platter

  • The Lip-Smacking Cuisine

Bohol is known for its great cuisine, seafood being the main part. The chicken, beef and pastries of Bohol too are to die for. If you visit Bohol during July, you can be a part of the food festival of the island. And what more, you also get to eat local dishes for free in some houses. And if you wish to get a feel of fine dineing, then head to the Bohol Bee Farm Or the Pearl Restaurant at Linaw Beach Resort where you can get organic food as whatever they serve here are grown in their own farms.

E A T Danao Zipline Adventure Park
The reasons to visit Bohol just right away are endless. Apart from food, white sand beaches, culture and nature, Bohol also teaches you many life lessons. One is being how to be content and that is what you learn from the life of Filipinos who live a simple life and enjoy simple pleasures. You also learn to respect nature as Bohol is all about leaving nature to its own course, so that it stands there refreshing your lungs and offering you an unpolluted life.

Kangcaramel Cave Tanday Saragosa Rd Baclayon Bohol Philippines

Are you fond of exploring new things or new adventures?

Well, Kangcaramel Cave would be a great choice for you! A chance to dive into the unknown, and uncover a hidden gem local secret Kangcaramel Cave in Edith Grand Garden Resort and Adventure Park, Baclayon, Bohol.
Kangcaramel Cave Tanday Saragosa Rd Baclayon Bohol Philippines 0001
Introducing, the Kangcaramel Cave located in Tanday, Baclayon, Bohol. It is about 8.1 km from the city of Tagbilaran. It was blessed on September 8, 2016, with a presiding mass. It was exactly the birthday of Virgin Mother Mary to honored the patrons of Baclayon which is Immaculate Concepcion. This cave is having its ongoing development and improvements by the management of Mr. Pompei Saturinas.
Kangcaramel Cave Tanday Saragosa Rd Baclayon Bohol Philippines 0006
Based on the Kangcaramel tour guide, this cave has not yet discovered its historical background but if there would be some researchers who would study, well they would be happy. Because there were already some tourists who were asking and they want that they could answer their questions honestly. But somehow, they make a joke that this was named Kangcaramel because on the year1800s there was a landowner of this cave named Caramel. And when people those days were asking “Who owned that?” the local residents answer “Kang-Caramel” it means ‘Caramel owns that’. When you get inside the cave you will see the statue of Mama Mary and Jesus which they call that side Resurrection.

Looking for a cheap flight to The Kangcaramel Cave Tanday Saragosa Rd Baclayon Bohol Philippines?


The stalagmites inside the cave amplify its beauty. Honestly, I am not really into caves because of the dark and I am also afraid of bats but because I believe in a saying that goes “If it scares you it might be a good thing to try”. And I have to say that my visit there was a life-altering experience. Instead of fear, I felt something else. I was elated. At last, my fear of caves is gone!

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Bohol Tour Packages To Plan A Great Bohol Vacation

Introducing Unique Bohol Tour Packages to Plan around a Great Bohol Vacation for you and your family or friends.

Find & book personal Bohol tours with a local guide Experience unique discoveries and avoid the tourist traps!
nature philippine bohol tours logo
When traveling and touring in Bohol, there’s nothing worse than standing in a three hour line to see some over-hyped tourist attraction.

So to experience the REAL beauty of Bohol, explore the hidden gems that only the locals know about.
Nature Philippine Tour Guides makes it easy for you to do just that, offering you personalized tours, organized by local tour guides.

Connect with locals and experience the local life as it is, not how mass tourism companies masquerade it.
People who live here know their place inside out. That’s why only locals can provide you with local activities that are REAL, things to do that don’t appear in any travel guide.

Simply choose your destination package, choose a tour and in just a few clicks, you can book your once-in-a-lifetime Bohol experience directly with a local guide, it’s that simple!

Whether you’re looking for Hotels, Resorts Information and the Best Places to stay, a cave exploring tour, hiking tour, waterfalls tour or any other activity you want to do together with your friends and loved ones, we help you to connect with locals here in Bohol to experience a true Filipino adventure.

Experience unique, natural adventures all over Bohol, Philippines with Jays Nature Philippine Tours TODAY!.

Bohol Tours and Tourist Spots – The Historic Ermita Ruins

Ermita Ruins – Bohol, Philippines – Bohol Tours and Tourist Spots
The Ermita Ruins is one of the best Bohol Tourist Spots for travelers here in Bohol. The Ermita Ruins are the ruins of a coralline limestone structure built during the Spanish Regime in Bohol. It lies parallel to the nave of the St. Nicholas Tolentino Church in the town of Dimiao, Bohol. It was allegedly used as a military fortress, a chapel and a burial site of the members of the Spanish clergy that died here in Bohol. Archaeological excavations of The Ermita Ruins were done in 1995 and 1998 in a quest to uncover its mysterious past..
Ermita is a Spanish term for a small church or chapel in a lonely place.

In a study conducted by a team from the National Museum entitled “Archaeological Exposition of the 18th Century Structure, Ermita Ruins is an 18th-century structure, which has the closest resemblance to Paco Cemetery, a historical site in Paco, Manila. Built-in 1800 until 1815 by Fr. Enrique de Santo de Villanueva, it was constructed during the Spanish colonial period that has been abandoned and erected by a population that was willing to work for the church and the Ermita.

It has honeycombed-arranged tombs or sepulchers that are unique and so far, the only one found in the Philippines, which make up the walls of the Ermita.

The researchers were surprised why no graves were found in the tombs. To them, perhaps, it was constructed to serve not only as a Chapel but also as a cemetery. But even before it was completed, it could be possible that a big catastrophic event occurred, an epidemic perhaps, which explains the mass burial, as evidenced by skeletons excavated from the ground, not properly arranged but just laid on top of the others.

On the other hand, researchers consider the idea that perhaps, the absence of bones in the hundreds of small niches (although there were few sets of bones recovered and transferred to the Municipal Cemetery) explained by the closure of the cemetery in 1844 by Fr. Manuel Carususan; its nearness to the church was deemed unhealthy.

The preservation of the Ermita Ruins is a joint project of the Diocese of Tagbilaran, the St. Nicholas Parish, and Local Government of Dimiao. The preservation is in accordance with the policies of the National Heritage Institute (NHI) to retain the antiquity of the place and preserve its natural beauty and attraction…

Best Place to Rent a Motorcycle in Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol

Looking for a Motorcycle or Motorbike to Rent? Need to know where the Best motorcycles for hire is in Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol?

Hey Joe Motorcycle And Scooter Rental Bohol 015
We simply provide you with motorbikes you need for touring Alona Beach Panglao Island, Bohol and all other neighboring Cities here in Bohol province.

10 Reasons to book your Motorcycle Rental with Hey Joe Motorcycle and Scooter Rentals at

  1. Every bike has full and up to date registration papers. (If you get stopped at a checkpoint with out-of-date papers you, the driver can face a fine of 15,000 php)
  2. All bikes go through a 20 point safety check before every new rental, and come with free helmets and a child helmet if requested.
  3. We ensure every motorcycle has tyresafe products as the roads here are not as flat or safe as at home and punctures are very common. (don’t get caught out)
  4. We ensure you have a full tank of fuel before every rental.
  5. All bikes are nearly new so much less chance of mechanical failure.
  6. Hey Joe will drop off and pickup up your rental bike free of charge
  7. Tyre pressures are checked before every rental period.
  8. We have a full staff of 9 people so it’s not just a case of we will pick up or drop of the bike when a cousin’s cousin get back with it.
  9. All our prices are fair and competitive, and you get a very safe reliable Motorcycle as well as our expertise and help you get around.
  10. Hey Joe is the biggest and most experienced Motorcycle Rentals Company for Alona Beach In Panglao Island. SO RENT WITH THE BEST

Hey Joe Bohol Motorcycle Rentals Philippines

They offer exceptional customer service, competitive pricing and unlimited mileage on all of their motorbikes. The fleet consists of great reliable, excellent performance, handling, and comfort. In addition, they equip our motorbikes with premium tires and all engine, brakes, suspension, etc. are well maintained and checked regularly.

They will deliver anywhere on the island of Panglao or Bohol. They also provide you with comfortable helmets (children’s helmet available upon request) approved by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

They do require a valid drivers license and give you a full written rental agreement for the hire of the motorbike.

Bohol as a Premier Ecotourism Destination

Green travel is not a new thing in the Philippines. Since 1992, ‘ecotourism’ or sustainable tourism development, has been a focus of the Philippines Department of Tourism.

Bohol as a Premier Ecotourism Destination
Bohol, the tenth largest island in the Philippines offers diverse attractions of ecology, history, culture, and many natural heritage sites. Known for its Chocolate Hills, Philippine Tarsiers and cozy white sand beaches, Bohol has long been a favorite tourist spot in the Philippines, not only to foreign travelers but also local ones. Located centrally within the Philippines it is accessible from all major transport hubs, by air or by boat.

Aviation has a difficult relationship with sustainability; it generates nearly as much carbon dioxide in a year as the total population of Africa. Visitors to Bohol from closer destinations may want to consider one of the many ferry services available. Unfortunately, visitors from further afield often cannot avoid flying. You can offset your carbon emissions, either through your flight or tour operator or directly through organizations like Carbon Neutral, and contribute to a sustainable environmental project.

Come to Visit Bohol! A unique blend of Culture and Nature!

Find Some of the Best of Bohol Attractions

Bohol and Luxury Cruises
A ferry is not the only way to reach Bohol by sea. The cruise industry is the fastest growing travel sector in the world, and recently Bohol has been attracting attention as a cruise ship destination. It’s easy to understand the popularity of cruise ship travel; often all-inclusive, cruise ships are an easy and comfortable way to enjoy a multi-stop holiday.
But they use a lot of fuel, not just to sail but also to power what is essentially a giant floating hotel. In the past, the industry was criticized for knowingly polluting the seas and strongly resisting any sort of environmental regulation. But cruise ships are able to access unbeatable spots for wildlife watching and viewing natural wonders such as glaciers and the northern lights, they naturally appeal to the types of tourists who are interested in conservation. Luckily, the industry has long been cleaning up its act in an effort to become greener. The last 10 years have seen cruise ships cut their waste and garbage by almost 50%. They have invested in advanced technology making it possible to reuse wastewater for use in laundry and flushing toilets, installed solar panels and begun converting used cooking oil to more environmentally friendly biodiesel. Ships are fitted with high-efficiency appliances and new ships are built and designed in ways to protect and conserve the environment. The cruise ship Celebrity Solstice powers its elevators and 7,000 LED lights with 216 solar panels. With this focus on sustainability and protecting the environment, now is a great time for Bohol to be introduced as a cruise destination.

Check this out! Amazing BLIND 5 Year Old Girl Drummer from Bohol – Fantastic Performance

Local Travel Choices
But it’s not only the travel you choose to reach your destination to consider. When on holiday, use public transport or cycle whenever possible. Bohol has a good public transport network of buses, tricycles and jeepneys, the latter originating from the reuse of old US military jeeps and used all over the country as a means of public transport. For difficult to reach areas, river cruises allow visitors to venture deep into the countryside and Bohol offers many tours along the Loboc Rover.
Social versus Environmental – Balancing The Benefits
Greener travel isn’t just about the environment; it’s also about improving the lives of local people. Tourism offers work opportunities, increased commerce for local shops, and usually spurs reinvestment in the local area. In turn, eco-tourism specifically encourages practices that provide meaningful connections with locals and the chance for a greater understanding of local cultural and social issues. Air travel will produce carbon emissions; this is unavoidable. If you stay at home, your carbon footprint may stay low, but it also means any benefit your travel could have meant to that local community is lost. So fly and participate in the carbon offset scheme, and know that the tourist activities you choose to participate in will have a positive impact on the lives of the local people. We want to keep the world beautiful, but we also want to experience it. With a little thought and consideration, tourism can be an amazing, not only for us but also for the local people of the areas we visit. We must make the best of a bad choice, minimize the negative impact and try our hardest to maximize the positive.

Loboc River Lunch Cruise Bohol

Loboc, Bohol, Philippines is home of the famous Loboc Riverwatch Lunch Cruise

Its also home to the Loboc, Bohol Children’s Choir that will entertain you as you cruise along the river. The town of Loboc is a peaceful municipality that is world famous to its well-known river which is aptly called Loboc River. This river is one of the cleanest rivers in the country. This is the one tourist spot you don’t want to miss during your Bohol Tours.
Floating Restaurant Loboc Riverwatch Bohol 55
When visiting the town of Loboc you can experience cruising along the river onboard a small Banca boat or Loboc River Cruise Lunch Buffet.
The Loboc River Dinner Cruise starts by the Loay Bridge which is located in the neighboring town of Loay or at the Loboc town proper where you can choose from a variety of river cruising vessels. The Loboc River cruise usually runs for an hour or so back and forth.
Make sure you ad this tour to your itinerary when visiting bohol…its something you wont want to miss….

Loboc River Dinner and Lunch Cruise Location: Loboc—24 km from Tagbilaran City (See Map Below)

Below are some Videos of the cruise:

LOBOC RIVERWATCH FLOATING RESTAURANT : Floating Restaurant Cruise Contact, Prices and Schedules:

Address: Poblacion Sawang, Loboc Municipality, Bohol Province
Telephone Number: (038) – 537 – 9460
Cellphone: 0918-5104032 * 0917-3060010
0917-3822254 * 0912-8948105

Visit their website at:

The Loboc Bohol Floating Restaurant Cruise Prices and Schedules:
P450.00 – River Cruise and Lunch
P100.00 – Maintenance, Safety and Security Charges
Total: P550/per person
0-3 years old – free without drinks
4-8 years old – 50% with drinks
9-11 years old – P250.00 per child
12 years old and above – P550.00 per person

Note: Guests are requested to be at the complex 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time to check in. Prices may change without prior notice. Pre-Booking is not necessary.

Danao Adventure Park Bohol Philippines Extreme Thrills The Plunge

Experience Extreme Thrills riding – The Plunge in Danao Bohol Philippines.

E.A.T. Danao or the Danao Adventure Park has the only canyon swing in the Philippines. And it’s called the Plunge. It’s considered the main attraction of the Danao Adventure Park here in Bohol Philippines.

The most thrilling activity in the Danao Adventure Park is the canyon swing which is called the Plunge. It’s a 50-meter free fall from the top of the 200-meter high cliff. Then as you hit the end of the rope, you’ll be swinging over the canyon for about 5 minutes until they are able to haul you back up again.

Danao Adventure Park
Booking Office: Ma. Wiena Saguid (0921)7594403 / (0917) 3021700
Tourism Office: Ana Loinda Saluan (0917) 3021701 / (038) 5100033

Bet N Choy Water Park and Resort Catigbian Bohol

If your looking for a Water Park in Bohol, you may want to check out Bet ‘N Choy Farms Water Park and Resort in Catigbian Bohol!

Thrill seekers travel from far and wide to experience the Bet ‘N Choy Farms Water Park and Resort located right here in sunny Bohol, Philippines!
Bet N Choy Farms Water Park And Resort In Catigbian Bohol 027
Bet N Choy Water Park will thrill children, parents and grandparents alike at Bohol’s premier water park, Bet ‘N Choy Water Park! Fun always starts at Bet ‘N Choy Water Park, a key destination in Bohol enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Bet N Choy Water Park includes three swimming pools, a long water slide, Huts for rent, a splash playground or interactive water feature, a function hall, a concession stand offering drinks and snacks and the typical amenities such as restrooms.

With a P20 entrance fee per person, you can enjoy their mini zoo including animals and they will allow you to feed them. You can also see fish and enjoy other activities in the mini farm. They also have livestock and fresh herbs.
Bet n Choy Farms Water Park And Resort In Catigbian Bohol Price Lists
At P100/per swimming pool, you can enjoy one swimming pool of your choice and water slides. For those who want to enjoy swimming in two pools, they have a P150 package.

The cottages have a power outlets and fans for P250 to P450 depending on the size of the cottage. There is also a free place to BBQ.
If you want to extend for overnight, you will be able to get an overnight package as well.

Bet ‘n Choy can be contacted at +63-915-813-9823 or +63-910-393-9593 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can also visit their Facebook page Bet ‘n Choy Farms for more details.

See the location map below for Bet ‘N Choy Farms Water Park and Resort in Catigbian Bohol: